Rob Carrasco

fun happy fun photos lets tumbl together ;) I don't know what im doing but ill smile.

House work all done Lucy and I are all bathed and ready to hit the park for a #workout & #run #beastmode baby!
This show is so heart breaking #TrueTori I want to give you such a big hug #ToriSpelling you are a great woman and have a wonderful heart. Everything will be alright I hope for the best for you at this difficult time. As I shed so many tears with you. Stay strong dear ❤️ stay strong I love you and for any of you that are going through something hard just try and smile it’s so hard I know it is, but you can find the light in any day my mom always said everything is life is temporary especially the bad things. #love is powerful.
Chillin 😏🐶🐾 #mansbestfriend my #doghter & I ❤️👊
Aww my gosh I love this so much so Beautiful i love my family so much moms face is priceless  I love her smile it warms my heart love you guys! ❤️🐰🐣#happyeaster #ilovemyfamily
Happy Easter 2014 from the Carrasco family! 🐰🐣🌷☀️ #happyEaster!
Congrats to my cousin Terri and Jamie on there new bundle on joy can’t wait to hold him and watch Disney movies with him love you guys and your growing family! We love you 🐶😊❤️🐾
#goodnight ✌️
This little puppy is just so darn cute! Dahlia is her name @bigbootyrene_ puppy 🐶🐾😍
Words to live by everyone, this dude is amazing @zacharyfiorido you have one AMAZING heart ❤️#dontforgettosmile and you are loved
About to hit the #gym like a damn #beast #beastmode #chestday baby! Getting #shredded 😁👊Lucy’s excited 🐶🐾#fitness