Rob Carrasco

fun happy fun photos lets tumbl together ;) I don't know what im doing but ill smile.

How were ending our night goodnight world Lucy loves her daddy I love her so much with all my heart ❤️🐶☺️
Man #3daystillchasingthesun #hdchasingthesun so stoked! #preorderchasingthesun #hilaryduff #hilarysnewsingle #sorrynotsorryforpremotinghilaryiloveheraomuch! 😏❤️😘☀️🎤
@hilaryduff at #peoplemagazine spreading the world about her new single #chasingthesun #preorderchasingthesun on iTunes. #HDChasingTheSun #5daystillchasingthesun so stoked!☀️🎤⭐️❤️
Thank you so much Susanna! My awesome coworker/friend who brought me back a little gift from her vacation someone knows how much I love #disney 🐭☺️#mickeymouse

#newvideo on my main chanle Lucy’s 5thbday links in my bio go watch It 🐶🎂

Who’s all excited? My #WCW IS ALSO @hilaryduff #6daystillchasingthesun I’ll be posting everyday on her! #chasingthesun I’m so excited I love we so much don’t forget to #preorderchasingthesun on iTunes now! I did☀️🎤☺️⭐️#hilaryduff
To my #wcw @yeseniuhhh_  I hope you had the most wonderful day and will have such smiles during your birthday week much love and tumble weeds from Lucy and I I’m going to hug you so had besos #happybdayyesenia #besos #bestfriends

REPOST FROM @hilaryduff:
“#love #chasingthesun #support #friends”
#rp i love you so much ☀️🎤❤️

#happybdayyesenia @yeseniuhhh_ to the most golden hearted woman I know the cutest little apple in all of the land my best friend. The most sexual yet sassy little lady there is she’s so darn smart Lucy’s tia, hard working woman I could go on. She’s littlery an amazing soul inside and out together we are like to pods in a pea 🍒 I’m so glad an thankful we have each other much love besos and hugs someone I truly admire like my sista from another mista 💁😘🐶

It rained all afternoon while daddy was at work, I was so sad. I missed him so much!🐶just laying on dad now ahh #lucythedoghter